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Examination (Dental Check Up)

A dental examination or dental check up, is the most common dental appointment throughout dentistry.

It is important for your dentist to assess your dental and oral health, as it will be the cornerstone for your treatment plan, if one is required.

Most dentists would recommend you have a dental check-up once every year. Some people might require a dental check up less frequently and others more frequently based on how healthy your teeth and gums are.

The Dental Check Up Process

Firstly, your dentist will ask you some medical questions to start if you are a new patient, you will also be asked to complete a medical history questionnaire. Existing patients may also be asked to confirm any changes since their last visit. This is to ensure that there has been no significant changes to your medical history.


Oral Examination
During your dental check up your dentist will look at your mouth both inside and out, as well as your jaw joint. Looking inside the mouth, your dentist will check not only your teeth, but your gums, tongue, cheeks, roof of mouth and floor of mouth. Both existing restorations (fillings/crowns) and teeth which are unrestored will be assessed thoroughly. Your dentist will also look at your bite and if you wear a removable denture, the dentist will also inspect the area surrounding.


Next your dentist will examine your gums. The dentist will uses a soft round headed instrument called a periodontal to assess your gum health. Your gums are as important as your teeth, as they are the “support structure” for your teeth.


Occasionally, your dentist may require an x-ray of your teeth as part of a dental check up. These small, low dosage images can be necessary to better assess your tooth/teeth structure, supporting socket bone and existing restorations (fillings/crowns) etc. Your dentist may also require a large, full mouth x-ray, called an OPG. It is important that you inform your dentist if you are pregnant before you have any x-rays taken.


Teeth Cleaning
Your dentist may suggest that you have your teeth cleaned during your dental check up, either with the dentist themselves or with a hygienist. A simple scale and polish procedure can be important to better assess your teeth and gums. Occasionally plaque and tartar can build up on teeth making the assessment of teeth and the surrounding gums more challenging.



What Happens After A Dental Check Up?

Once you have completed your dental check up, a treatment plan can be created if required. This plan will list all treatment options that you may require, along with the costs and number of appointments required. A printed copy of this treatment plan will be given to you to take home. Advice on all aspects of your treatment is available with your dentist at all times.


Recall Appointments
After this treatment is finished or if your check-up requires no intervention, your dentist will recommend the appropriate time for the next dental check-up/recall. The reception staff will have your details on file and will ensure that you are called back at the appropriate time. If you need to see us sooner than that, please contact your practice and we will organise this for you.

All our practices offer dental examinations. Find your most convenient practice below.

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