Do's and Dont's of Teeth Whitening

Thinking about whitening your teeth? Check out our do’s and dont’s of teeth whitening first:

1) Do – Visit your Dentist First

At Dental Care Ireland, we would always recommend that the first step in deciding whether or not to whiten your teeth should be taken in consultation with your dentist. Our whitening kits are tried and tested and proven not to cause any harm to your teeth. Your dentist will need to examine your teeth for any other underlying issues prior to whitening.

So, find a good dentist, preferably registered with the Irish Dental Association and make an appointment for a teeth whitening consultation.

At the consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth and take x-rays to make sure the teeth are healthy and suitable for whitening. S/he will then take impressions of your teeth to make the teeth whitening trays for use with your home whitening kit.

2) Don’t – Whiten your teeth if you have an underlying reason for discolouration

On examination, your dentist might discover another source of the discolouration of your teeth other than the wear and tear of life. Conditions such as abscessed teeth, decay and plaque will not go away with whitening and need to be treated before you commence your whitening programme.

3) Do – take into account aesthetic considerations.

Not all teeth are suitable to be whitened. For example, whitening can accentuate a gummy smile or root exposure or perhaps your teeth are too sensitive or translucent. You and may be better off in these instances to consider other cosmetic options. Similarly, whitening will have no effect on white (tooth-coloured) fillings, porcelain crowns and veneers – they will remain the same shade. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the most suitable option for you and your teeth.

4) Don’t – undertake teeth whitening unless you’ve got time!

Whitening your teeth involves a bit of time investment. Basic low-level whitening treatments start at about 10 days and depending on the sensitivity of your teeth, it could take longer. Be prepared to dedicate an hour each evening to the couch and avoid food and drink that can stain the teeth such as coffee and red wine.

5) Do – Show off your New Teeth and Winning Smile!

Go out, take as many selfies as possible and flash that winning smile! You deserve it

* Note that not all teeth are susceptible to whitening and some teeth might be particularly sensitive to the procedure. We recommend you speak to your dentist before undergoing any dental treatment*

Dental Care Ireland is currently offering a whitening package for bridal parties. For more information on any aspect of teeth whitening, contact your local Dental Care Ireland practice.

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