Gum Shields

A gum shield is a rubber-like cover which is custom made to suit your teeth and gums to provide a protective cushion for your teeth. Dental Care Ireland specialises in making gum shields which can be worn for all contact sports including rugby, gaelic football, hurling, hockey, boxing and more.

What happens in a Gum Shield Fitting?

A toughened plastic cover which slips effortlessly to protect the underlying teeth is the hallmark of a good mouth guard. The critical first chair-side impression sets the basis for the final product. Your dentist will discuss with you the best options, materials and aesthetic look of your mouth guard. Laboratory manufactured mouth guards create best success in the production of a clinically accurate device. Regular maintenance and carefully monitoring of wear on your mouth guard will ensure that you are wearing the best protection.

Gum Shields Practices

The following Dental Care Ireland practices currently offer dental gum shields services:

Gum Shields Callan Dental, Gum Shields Greystones, Gum Shields Navan.

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