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General Dental Treatments Prices

At Dental Care Ireland endeavour to provide the highest quality of dental treatment for our patients, that won’t be too hard on your wallet.


To ensure you receive the best treatment possible, we emphasise that all new patients to the practice must have an examination at first visit, as per the Dental Council guidelines. This is often covered by PRSI or Dental Insurance.

All prices listed below refer to general dental treatments only, and should only be viewed as a guideline. For Specialist Treatment prices, please visit our Specialist Treatment page. All prices may vary depending on the training and specialty of the clinician you attend.

Examination and X-raysPrice
Examination with PRSIFree
Child Examination€45
Child Exam, Scale and Polish€70
Routine Examination and Scale & Polish€90
Exam, Scale and Polish, X-Rays€120
Dental Sedation€250
Amalgam Filling (silver filling)€100 – €140
Anterior White Filling€120 – €145
Posterior White Filling€120 – €145
Extensive Tooth Build-UpFrom €150
Composite VeneerFrom €180
Crowns And Veneers Price
Full Porcelain Crown€725- €850*
Porcelain Fused with Metal Crown€750 – €800*
Full Titanium Crown€650*
Full Gold Crown€800*
VeneerFrom €700*
Full Acrylic Dentures (upper and lower)€1400
Partial Acrylic DentureFrom €500
Immediate Temporary Denture€250
Cobalt Chrome Partial DentureFrom €1100
Take home whitening kit including:
• Assessment for suitability
• Before and after clinical photographs
• Custom made trays
• Whitening gel kit
• All review appointments
Periodontal Treatments And PreventionPrice
Scale and Polish with PRSI€15
Scale and Polish (Hygienist)€75
Scale and Polish (Dentist)€50
Periodontal Treatment (with local anesthetic)From €150*
Fissure Sealants€45 each \ €145 for 4
Routine Extraction (with x-ray)€105
Surgical ExtractionsFrom €150
Root Canal TreatmentPrice
Incisor€400 – €450*
Premolar€450 – €500*
Bridges And Implants Price
Maryland BridgeFrom €950*
Fixed Bridge (dependent on design)Price on consultation*
Dental Implant (dependent on position)Price on consultation*
Six Months SmilesPrice
One Arch (Upper or Lower)€1995*
Upper and Lower€3200*
Upper and Lower€3200*
Prices above include:
• All appointments required
• Before and after clinical photographs
• Fixed retention following treatment
• Removable retainers
• Take home whitening kit

*These treatments are eligible for 20% tax relief under the Med 2 Scheme.

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